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Check out how much our customers have saved using their Brookhaven Bucks over the last year. In the video below!

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Digital Punch Cards

Find certain, specialty items around the store that have a digital punch card attached. Your Brookhaven Bucks account will automatically keep track of your purchases so when you reach a reward, you are given the opportunity to receive one free!

Earn On Every Item

Every item in our store gets you Brookhaven Bucks added to your account which are as good as cash. You can choose to use towards your purchase or save up to use at a later date. Your Brookhaven Bucks never expire and can be used on any item.

Very Specialized Deals

We LOVE being able to give back to our members. Anytime we can find a way to give more back to you, we will do it. We find items that are able to be discounted or we are able to give more "Brookhaven Bucks" back on that particular Item.

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