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Digital Punch Cards

Find certain, specialty items around the store that have a digital punch card attached. Your Brookhaven Bucks account will automatically keep track of your purchases so when you reach a reward, you are given the opportunity to receive one free!

Earn On Every Item

Every item in our store gets you Brookhaven Bucks added to your account which are as good as cash. You can choose to use towards your purchase or save up to use at a later date. Your Brookhaven Bucks never expire and can be used on any item.

Very Specialized Deals

We LOVE being able to give back to our members. Anytime we can find a way to give more back to you, we will do it. We find items that are able to be discounted or we are able to give more "Brookhaven Bucks" back on that particular Item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brookhaven Bucks?- Brookhaven Bucks is our free loyalty and rewards program designed to reward you for shopping the things you love every day.

How does Brookhaven Bucks work? – With Brookhaven Bucks you earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend 365 days a year, points become redeemable for discounts on your shopping once you earn 500; after that you can continue to save up your points or use them for your purchases points never expire.

Are there any additional benefits? - You are automatically enrolled in Buy 10 Get 1 Free Punch cards on customer favorite Brookhaven Delights: Rotisserie Chickens, Salads, Fresh Orange Juice, Pizzas, and Organic Valley Milk Gallons. If you are a senior (over the age of 61) you are eligible for special discounts if you add your date of birth to your account when you enroll. There are member only e-coupons that we send via e-mail throughout the year. So remember to register your e-mail and select the “Send coupons and special offers to this e-mail address” on your customer account.

What will my e-mail and phone number be used for? - We use your e-mail to send you our weekly ad and send you exclusive e-coupons and promotions that are only for our loyalty members as well as to send you confirmation and communications about any online or catering orders you may have placed or to send you e-receipts should you choose to go paperless. Your phone number is used to associate your account at the register during your visit, no cards or key chains to remember.

How do e-coupons work? - Your e-coupons are saved in our loyalty system on your account until you use them. You must associate with a transaction in order to redeem any coupons on your account. When you receive a coupon to your account you will receive a notification e-mail there’s no need to show us the e-mail but we encourage reading it in full as it will give you details about the coupon you receive such as limits, requirements, and expiration dates.

How do digital punch cards work?- While associated with a transaction and purchasing any item with a punch card the item will automatically check off one purchase on the punch card and track your purchases. When you fill your punch card you will receive a coupon for a free item from the punch card. You can choose when to use the coupon but you will not be able to accrue more punches for the item until it is redeemed.

How do I join Brookhaven Bucks? – You can join Brookhaven Bucks by selecting your favorite Brookhaven location and clicking on of the links below.