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    3X the calcium. Contains 3 times the calcium of regular white bread. Low in fat. No saturated fat. No hydrogenated oils. No trans fat. No cholesterol. A good source of B vitamins. Clearly the Veri Best taste. Contains 3 times the calcium of regular white bread. Butternut Calcium Fortified white bread: 67.2 mg calcium in 1 slice. Regular white bread: 20.8 mg calcium in 1 slice. Butternut bread for B vitamins: 15% daily value thiamin vitamin B1; 8% daily value riboflavin vitamin B2; 10% daily value niacin vitamin B3; 15% daily value folic acid vitamin B9. Two slices of Butternut Bread give you the amounts shown above. Eat four slices of Butternut Bread and double your intake of these B vitamins. Complex carbohydrates give you energy! Butternut Large White Bread is made with complex carbohydrates that are turned into glucose and used as fuel throughout the cells of the body, including the brain and nervous system. Containing vitamins, minerals and fiber, complex carbohydrates provide our bodies with sustained energy throughout the day and are important to our overall health. Get all the body and brain-fueling benefits of complex carbohydrates that have half the calories of fat in every serving of Butternut Large White Bread. B vitamins to the rescue! Butternut Large White Bread contains a mixture of B vitamins including, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, and folic acid. B vitamins work with complex carbohydrates to fuel your body with energy and set it free when your body needs it. This group of vitamins is also involved in making red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body. Three times as much calcium as regular white bread! Getting enough calcium is important throughout your life. Children and teens need calcium because their bones are still growing and adults need calcium to keep bones dense and prevent osteoporosis. Calcium also helps keep your heart beating steadily, your nerves and muscles in good shape and is necessary to build and maintain strong, healthy teeth. Since calcium is an essential nutrient your body needs every day, Butternut Large White Bread, with 3 times the calcium of regular white bread, can help you satisfy your daily need for calcium. White or wheat, it's still good to eat! Delicious, soft and fluffy! Butternut Large White Bread is a winner with the whole family. Everyone loves Butternut's great taste, just like they always have. Perfect for sandwiches or snacks any time of day, Butternut Large White Bread will leave you feeling full and satisfied. steps to a healthier you. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid recommends eating 6 servings of grains each day, including 3 servings from whole grain sources. To learn more visit No bromate. No hydrogenated oil. 0 grams trans fat. No saturated fats.






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