pic Without question our fresh produce departments is what we are best known and respected for.  Organic or conventional produce, the choice is yours  Each of our stores carries as many as 450 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables including the largest selection of organic produce available in season in our area.  The majority of our fresh produce is purchased each day at the Chicago International Produce Market, where hundreds of trucks from the south, south west, California, Texas, the Pacific North West and Mexico arrive daily with produce that was growing in fields and orchards less than 72 hours earlier.  In today’s global market there are also rail freight cars and overseas containers from ships and airlines delivering fruit and vegetables from all over the globe.  With the built in efficiencies of transportation there really is not much reason to hear “out of season” when it comes to fresh produce.

In addition to fruits and vegetables we also carry a large selection of bulk priced dried fruits, nuts and fancy confections. 

Adventures in Produce   
Chances are growing up like most kids you steered clear of vegetables and most fruits unless you mother cornered you and made you eat some.  Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for your health and today with the ability to source produce from around the globe there are so many more options to choose from.  In the past twenty years the average supermarket sells as many as 200 new items not available in the 1980s.  We are Brookhaven that it would be helpful to expand your horizons and introduce you to some fresh fruits and vegetables that you may never have heard of so watch this section of our web site for regular updates.