Fine Wine, Spirits, & Beer

Whether you are an experienced wine expert looking for something to complement your meal or an amateur looking to explore the world of wine, our wine selection is designed to fit your needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for in our stores, simply ask, and we’ll do our best to special order an item for you.

picMeet our Wine Geek, George Fifles.

Headquartered in our Burr Ridge store, George is available to help customers with all their wine questions. One thing, though: We are not pretentious. We realize that most shoppers have a limited knowledge of wine and we want you to be comfortable with the idea that every question is worth our best answer.George is indeed a sommelier, but don’t let the fancy title scare you off. There once was a time when he knew nothing about fine wine, so after years of study and experience in the field he likes nothing more than taking a novice under his wing and sharing his knowledge and love of fine wine.

We believe that wine should be a fun, exciting adventure and become a part of your everyday life. All styles of wines are exciting, provided that they reflect their origin and offer tastes and flavors that are new and unique, or honest and true. As part of his duties as our resident Wine Geek, George will often talk directly to the winemaker, the importers and distributors, walk the vineyards, and discuss the wine-making processes employed in the wines we select.

If beer is more your choice of beverage, we offer an extensive assortment of domestic and imported beer, ale, and lagers. From the world’s biggest breweries to local micro breweries, we have something to fit every taste and need.